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Nach "A Predent of the Galaxy" veröffentlichen Love Machine "CIRCLES" im Frühjahr 2016 auf Tonzonen Records.

Auf ihrer zweiten LP begibt sich die Düsseldorfer/Kölner Band weiter auf die Reise in die Unendlichkeit des Kosmos und in die Tiefen der menschlichen Seele.

""CIRCLES" handelt von Schwerkraft, Rotation und Zeit - dem ewigen Werden und Vergehen im Universum und zwischen den Menschen auf Erden.

The last live recordings of Roye Albrighton

In 1969, a band was formed that still is one of the most important and most famous progressive and art-rock formations in the world: Nektar. Founded by the Brits Roye Albrighton, Allan Freeman, Ron Howden and Derek Moore in Hamburg, the band quickly became world famous and turned into a legendary idol for other musicians at that time. Their terrific live performances have contributed to this reputation, which aside from elaborately created music also offered opulent light installation and slides projections. Even though the gentlemen in 1973 slightly self-ironically put the headline 'NOT the number one German band in England but the number one English band in Germany' on one of their posters, they already were stars in all of Europe and the USA. The long-playing records 'Remember The Future' and 'Down To Earth' achieved gold status, to describe their tours as 'well attended' would be a shameless understatement. But as life goes, after some ups and downs in the early 1980ies, the band broke up. Luckily not forever, because in 2001, Albrighton, Freeman and Ray Hardwick revived the band Nektar. And with enormous success until today, as many fans in the world can confirm.

This 2CD set was recorded in 2015 at a concert hosted by the well known Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen and is the next issue of a live-collection that is presented by Sireena Records and ON STAGE. It is also the last concert of NEKTAR with its founder Roye Albrighton, who died on July 26, 2016 after a long illness.
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