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Hi, my name is Ansgar!

I´m a nine year old boy from Germany and have many things I like. Among these is playing with my brothers and sisters, playing Minecraft and Angry Birds on my tablet, hiking with Dad, everything green, playing with friends, listening to music and taking photos at concerts. There is also one thing I like very much. This is making music on my own! 

This is how I came in contact with making music:

It started when I was 15 month old and discovered some mothballed music machines which really fascinated me. In February 2015 when I was six I decided it was time for me to get my own synth. I saved my pocket money and bought a Korg Monotron. One month later I discovered playing chords on my own. This was the moment when Dad felt he had to support me in learning about musical things. He took some old keyboards and placed them in our childs room.

I was fascinated by seeing him making music with his studio tools and didn´t let him alone with trying it out. That way we found out I´m capable of working with the Cubase software of the Atari ST computer. Dad remembered still having an Atari in the basement, as well as a mixing desk and a drumcomputer. So the idea came up to establish a small music studio for me in the childs room.

I also had a little problem. The normal sized keys were too big for my fingers and the only instrument with minikeys had no Midi...... I heard about the Microkorg a little synthesizer with minikeys, Midi and a professional sound. This thing I wanted to have! By doing household chores I saved about 100 Euros until christmas and got the rest as a christmas present from my family. By posting photos of me getting my Microkorg I found some fans on Facebook. They started a fund to get me a Korg Volca Beats. Thanks guys, that was really great!

On the last days of 2015 I started working on my first track. I´m also a fan of star wars and therefore I had the idea of making a coverversion of the imperial march. With just a little help by Dad it was finished and released in february 2016 followed by more than 700 plays in three month.

I soon started working on my second track which is my first own composition. In the end of April 2016 this track called Jedi Cruiser 188 was finished and released on Soundcloud a few days later. Its a long spacy track. Some people say its ambient other call it chillout. Well, I don´t know exactly how to call it just listen to it by yourself and tell me what you think.

In the following month Imperial March and Jedi Cruiser 188 had a lot of plays on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, got shared on Facebook and some electronic music related sites. Meanwhile I got a professional mixing desk and the Roland JV-1080 synthesizer allowing me to work in my studio without borrowing equipment from my Dad.

On 8th, February 2017 my next track "Porsche Drive 911" was released. Since a few month I´m a big Porsche fan and wanted to do music regarding to it. So this time I did a fast and hard techno track. On 18th, May 2017 I did my first live performance in my class at school. Two videos of this little gig were also released on YouTube.

On 30th, September 2017 I did my first public live performance in a synth exhibition at the Electronic Circus Festival in Detmold, followed by another performance at the Christmas Party of my school. On the last days of 2017 I restarted studiowork for releasing two new tracks in early 2018.